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Frawie ZKteco

Welcome to Frawie Trading And projects

Frawie Projects registered as a limited company in 2017 and over the last 3 years have strived to offer a very high standard of workmanship and equipment. We provide both wired and wireless security systems at an economical price with an inclusive 12 month 24 hour a day Service Contract.

Based in Pretoria, they offer services in Gauteng, Northwest, Free state & the surrounding areas.

Unlike some security companies, we won’t tie you into an expensive three or five-year contract for your security system.

Protect your Home or Commercial premises with our Security Systems

We understand that every property is different and can provide a range of security systems that will suit your needs and fill any security requirements that you may have. Find out more information regarding the security services we provide;

  • Alarm systems
  • Door entry systems
  • Electric fencing
  • Fire alarms
  • Garage door and gates
  • Perimeter walls
  • Palisade fencing and mesh wire
  • Clearvu fencing

Contact Details

Frawie Trading And Projects

220 van jaarsveld street
South Africa

Tel: 082 856 8894

Email: info@frawieprojects.co.za


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    Innovative electric fencing

    We use modern technology to do our electric fencing.

    Strongest material used

    Give us a call for the best quality installation of your electric fencing.

    Garage door repairs

    ; we repair your garage door with ease, dont try and do it for yourself, call the professionals and we will be there .


    for peace of mind when you are away.

    Gate motors and Garage door motors

    Everything should be automated, imagined during rain season.

    Garage door installation

    for all the garage door installations

    Our Core Services

    Electric fence

    ELECTRIC FENCE • Frawie trading and projects electric Security Fencing, an advanced electrified perimeter security system that fully monitors the protected boundary of the high voltage pulses on or off. • Ideally installed on residential properties and commercia l properties. Also fully monitored high and low voltage perimeter security systems. • Our ‘true’ low voltage system design, when ‘disarmed’ and the HV pulses turned off, continues to be fully monitored even though no shocks are present when touched. If the wire is cut, shorted or tampered with then the system will still generate an alarm state. In the same way as when the HV pulses are present. Our electric security fencing systems are tailored and zoned to meet with site specific operational and/or CCTV detection zone requirements. Designed to provide perimeter security that deters, detects, denies and defends against potential intruders with a short, sharp, painful but regulated safe electric shock. Zone Alarm output is provided for interfacing with CCTV and other local/remote monitoring systems.t.

    Intruder Alarms

    • Commercial & industrial intruder alarms • Frawie trading and projects s upply, install and maintain intruder alarms in the commercial/retail sector. • Our systems are designed to be operated by multiple users offering maximum flexibility. Our intruder alarm systems have a large ‘event’ log to record all activity on the system. They are exceptionally easy to operate using a backlit keypad with LCD English Text display. • All intruder alarm equipment supplied conforms to the very latest standards. All detectors and sensors used in commercial applications are specifically rated for non domestic use. They have a higher specification level to cope with the industrial/commercial environment. • A professionally installed and maintained burglar alarm system not only enhances the value of a home but also protects the property within it by reducing the risk of a break in. • All our alarm systems are wired with a minimum of fuss and disturbance to your property and are professionally installed. Our aim is to install each intruder alarm system discreetly within a day with no wires showing. • As an addition to our standard domestic system we can make your burglar alarm ‘text’ (or voice call) your mobile phone (or your friends) in the event of your alarm being activated. We can also install remote monitoring if required..

    CCTV Systems

    Why implement a CCTV system? • Statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where there are cameras are installed. • In the retail sector, the use of CCTV is not confined to the prevention of crime. Properly designed and implemented, modern digital CCTV also provides valuable management information, as well as crowd control, staff monitoring and support.

    Garage door installation

    With an extensive selection of colors, finishes and styles to suit both modern and traditional homes, you are sure to find a garage door that is perfect for your home. We hav e the full range of garage doors available . We offer a great choice of garage doors, each engineered with a different design so you can choose the right solution for your home: • Tip up doors • Sectional doors • Roller garage doors • Side Hinged doors • Garage Side doors.

    Garage door repairs

    What service we can offer • Cable Replacements • Spring Replacement • Garage Door Motor Repairs or • Replacement • Garage Door Panel Replacement • All other spare parts available.

    Gate motor repairs and installation

    Gate Motor Repairs • Gate Remotes • Gate Transmitters • Gate infrared Safety Beams • Gate Motor Installations • Gate Battery Backups • Gate Motor Servicing • Anti Lift Brackets.

    Question & Answer

    Latest News about our Industry


    A STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH TO FINDING FAULTS Searching for problems in an electric fence is basically a step-by-step process. An adequate tester is essential or you are guessing – The only alternative is to use your hand and I assure you – it hurts. A tester that shows if a fence is running at 6000v is far better than those on the market with a single LED light that only shows if there is a minimum of 2000v. This is an absolute minimum and the fence may only be 2100v which is not adequate for nearly every application. A small AM/SW radio is an invaluable tool. Set off-station it receives the radio signals emitted by a short circuit in the fence line and the pulse of a fence fault is registered as a loud “click” – these get progressively louder the closer you get to the fault. TO DETERMINE IF THE FAULT IS WITH THE FENCE OR THE ENERGISER. Turn off the energiser. Disconnect the earth or wire going to ground AND the live fence wire – there are now NO wires attached to the energiser. Turn energiser back on. With fence tester, place the ground probe to the Earth terminal on the energiser and the metal loop on the tester to the positive terminal. The reading you get tells you how well the energiser is working without any other variables. (The lights on the tester get paler as the voltage goes up, often quite difficult to see particularly in bright light. The highest light seen will be the reading – not the brightest seen)) If there is a very low voltage (under 5000v – this will depend on the model) or no voltage, then the energiser has a problem. If the voltage is high (greater than 6000v) then the trouble lies with your fence. Most energisers put out between 5000v and 8000v when there is no load (i.e. no fence hooked up). If a Voltmeter is not available you can use a screwdriver as a “gross check” for voltage output. Use the screwdriver to draw an electrical arc between the two terminals. The length of the spark is indicated below. This is by no means accurate but will indicate if your energiser’s output is reasonable The 220v energisers should jump a gap of 3-5mm (1/8 – 1/4 inch) A 12v battery energiser should jump a gap of 2-4mm (1/16 – 3/16 inch) IF THE ENERGISER IS FAULTY AND YOU HAVE A BATTERY UNIT YOU NEED TO LEARN IF THE BATTERY OR THE ENERGISER IS THE PROBLEM. If it’s a 12 volt energiser carry the energiser to a nearby vehicle and attach the input cords carefully to the vehicle’s battery. If the energiser now works, then your energiser’s battery needs to be recharged or replaced. If the energiser does not work, then you should call FRAWIE PROJECTS for repairs. IF THE ENERGISER IS FAULTY AND YOU HAVE A MAINS UNIT YOU NEED TO LEARN IF THE INPUT POWER OR THE ENERGISER IS THE PROBLEM. Check there is power in the 220v plug point Check the 13 amp fuse in the plug TESTING FOR A FAULTY EARTH. Many problematic fences may be attributed to an ineffective earthing system. This is particularly prevalent in drier or sandy areas. Place a steel rod against the fence and touching the ground to simulate an animal touching the fence. Insert the tail of the tester into the ground and touch the line going to the earth terminal of the energiser with the tester. If you read more than 200v then your earth system needs sorting out. If you don’t have a tester then place your palm on the ground and touch the earth wire with your other hand. If you feel a tingle your earth is faulty. A mild steel iron rod will build up rust over time and as rust is a poor conductor the rod will become less effective. Use Galvanised steel, Stainless steel or copper rods. FINDING A FAULT ON AN ELECTRIC FENCE If the fence is at fault, then you must find the fault(s) and fix them. Here’s how to start this process: If you have a Fence Scout, simply touch the fence with the Scout at various points along the electric fence(s). The Scout will tell you at each point which direction to go in to locate the problem. Move in that direction testing as you go and you will arrive at the problem. Note: The directional arrow of the Fault Finder is not accurate with net. Tester Working.Tester Working Using a Fence Tester If you have a 10000v or Digital Tester. (Using a Short wave radio here helps.) Disconnect at the fence the Lead-out Cable (High Voltage Cable) that connects the energiser to the fence and check at the end of this cable – that will tell you if the current is actually getting to the fence. Walk along the fence looking for any point where the energised wires touch ANYTHING not plastic or insulated, the soil, vegetation – grass or leaves, wood, water, snow, a steel post or steel wire. On tensioned wire fences, check the wires at braces to see if they are touching a hot wire. Look carefully for damaged insulators. A crack in the plastic will allow energy to track to earth. If the fence can be separated into several sections (by switches or by disconnecting parts of it), you can locate the problem by beginning at the fencer and progressively turn on sections of the fence. When the voltage suddenly drops you can assume that the problem is in the section most recently connected. Take readings along the fence, if the fine wires in the rope/tape are damaged you should be able to pick up where they are broken and repair them there.